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NOT NORMAL NOT OK embraces the saying that ‘we are greater than the sum of our parts’ – that we are stronger together. And the more of us there are the stronger we can become. Get involved…

…as a gig goer:

Help support the NOT NORMAL NOT OK sticker campaign at live gigs and music events.

From the Hare & Hounds to the Symphony Hall, NOT NORMAL NOT OK volunteers have been handing out campaign stickers at gigs and events across the city – showing a clear sign of no tolerance to sexual violence in our music scene and creating safer spaces for everyone.

Volunteers would need to arrive before the doors open and stay until the last band have got on stage, handing out stickers as people come into the venue and during the intervals.

Working in teams of two, you’ll both get free entry to the gig – with simple training and techniques provided to help you chat with confidence.

Volunteers wanting to support the NOT NORMAL NOT OK sticker campaign must be over 18 – to learn more click here.

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…as a promoter:

NOT NORMAL NOT OK can help make your event a safer space.

If you are a music promoter, or want to show a clear sign of no toerance to sexual violence at your event, ask NOT NORMAL NOT OK for a free campaign pack – including stickers, signage, and advice sheets on how to help challenge sexual violence.

Alternatively, invite NOT NORMAL NOT OK along to your gig and we can manage this for you – with experienced campaign staff offering advice and support to your crowd.

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…as a performer:

Support NOT NORMAL NOT OK by wearing a sticker on stage.

You are the focal point; you are what people came to listen to and see. Your voice is the loudest in the room – by wearing a NOT NORMAL NOT OK sticker on stage, or having some campaign signage visible, you can send a  powerful message across the audience.

The NOT NORMAL NOT OK campaign challenges sexual violence ‘from dance floor to dressing room’ – help us show any sexual aggressors working in the music industry that their time of violence is over.

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…as a venue:

NOT NORMAL NOT OK can help your venue and your staff.

From posters and hand helds offering help and advice, to training programmes for designated members of staff – NOT NORMAL NOT OK has a hundred different ways of helping you create a safer space.

Our campaign will work with you and your staff, putting the right support package and ‘tool kit’ together to help support your existing operations and confidently challenge sexual violence .

To learn more about the NOT NORMAL NOT OK venue ‘tool kit’ and staff training programme click here.

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