Sticker campaign

Our first outreach activity has been the sticker campaign.

Our team of volunteers attend gigs and events, distributing NOT NORMAL NOT OK campaign stickers and information – asking the room to wear a clear sign of no tolerance towards sexual violence.

From the moment we launched, the NOT NORMAL NOT OK stickers have been welcomed by venues, promoters, and gig goers across the city – with many artists asking for stickers so they can wear them on stage whenever they perform.

It’s a simple and effective way of spreading the message of no tolerance to sexual violence – of saying in a unified voice will not allow such abuse to happen in our music scene.

When people arrive at the gig our volunteers hand them a sticker and tell them about the NOT NORMAL NOT OK campaign – then again by walking around the crowd during the intervals or breaks for support acts.

Gig goers can wear the campaign stickers to show their support, or just remember the name of the campaign if they know someone who needs help with issues around sexual violence.

It’s a powerful sight, to see a room full of people wearing a brightly coloured message they are looking out for one another.

And the response has been phenomenal, with venues from the Hare and Hounds to the Symphony Hall inviting our sticker campaign and staff through their doors.

Our only obstacle is people power – the more volunteers we have, the more venues we can attend, and the more people we can reach.

So get involved. Volunteers for the sticker campaign must be over 18 and always operate in teams of two or more – with free entry to the gig provided.

If you would like to help with the NOT NORMAL NOT sticker campaign please email

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