A statement of support – for use by performing artists and general public

If someone comes to you for help, or to talk about their experiences, it can be hard to know what to do – how to be the best friend or support that you can be.

NOT NORMAL NOT OK is working on a simple support ‘tool kit’ for anyone to access, coming out later in June, which will give people advice and guidance on how respond to reports of sexual violence.

But recently we have been asked by several performing artists if there is a statement they could use on their website or social media – a ‘signpost’ to further help that is approved for use in the public domain.

The following has been worded for supporting artists, specifically the opening lines (not in bold type), but it can be used by anyone who finds it useful – aspects of the statement can be used in isolation, but we ask you don’t change the words and keep the language intact.

Please copy/paste/forward/share this as you need to – and reach out to us at NOT NORMAL NOT OK if you need any further support.

Ed King / Campaign lead


Sexual violence has no place in our music scene or society. As an active part of both, we stand with victims and will not tolerate any form of aggression at our gigs or within the industry itself.

NOT NORMAL NOT OK campaigns to combat sexual violence from dance floor to dressing room – working directly with music venues and licensed premises, alongside West Midlands Police and regional support agencies. They have given us the following message of support for anyone dealing with reports of sexual violence:

Many people are affected by sexual violence. If someone confides in you, show compassion and kindness: remember that everyone reacts differently.

Listen, believe them, and reassure them that the perpetrator alone is to blame. Acknowledge the impact of the incident and point them towards help – but don’t pressure them to report or seek support if they aren’t ready.

NOT NORMAL NOT OK can help people find emotional, practical, and legal support – exploring options with no pressure. Visit www.notnormalnotok.com for more details and contact information.

Visit www.rsvp.org.uk for local counselling, victim advocacy, and self-help resources.

Victim Support, Women’s Aid, The Survivors Trust or Survivors UK (for male victims) can offer help nationally.

In crisis, call the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 and the Rape Crisis helpline on 0808 802 9999 (12-2.30pm and 7-9.30pm every day of the year).