About the NOT NORMAL NOT OK campaign

NOT NORMAL NOT OK is a campaign to encourage safety and respect within live music venues, and to combat the culture of sexual assault and aggression – from dance floor to dressing room. 

People attending live music events in Birmingham are still experiencing a range of sexual aggression – from being ‘groped’ or sexually assaulted whilst in a crowded venue, to cases of more direct sexual violence and rape. Musicians and artists who perform on the live music circuit are also reporting cases of sexual assault or aggression, from both sides of the stage. 

Working directly with licensed premises, West Midlands Police and regional support agencies, the NOT NORMAL NOT OK campaign objectives are:

AWARENESS: To encourage both the live music and wider communities to talk about and challenge sexual assault and aggression, and to state in a unified voice that it is NOT NORMAL NOT OK

EMPOWERMENT: To promote avenues of advice and support, both within live music venues and in general, to empower victims of sexual assault and aggression to get the right help.

PUBLIC SAFETY: To work with licensed premises, promoters, and the responsible authorities, to help make live music venues safer for all members of the public attending gigs or events.

ARTIST SUPPORT: To encourage a safer and more respectful environment for anyone performing at, or working within, live music venues.

EDUCATION: To challenge and change sexually aggressive behaviour, encouraging people to recognise their own actions whilst promoting avenues of rehabilitation and education.

Together we can make a safer and more respectful environment for the thousands of people who are part of an otherwise vibrant live music scene.

And it starts with a simple declaration, one we must make together, that sexual assault and aggression is not acceptable, will not be tolerated, and is NOT NORMAL NOT OK

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